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Solution: Providing

Data is becoming more and more important in the effective delivery of our transport networks. The provision of relevant information enables data driven decisions that improve how our networks operate and increase safety for all.

The level of connectivity between systems that cloud-based technology allows is vital to the way data is collected, stored and used, can support the delivery of improved transport services while also reducing costs of delivery.

Coeval products and systems collect and store data, some of which can be collected locally, others can be accessed via our Cloud- based software. For example, information on the number of over-height vehicles that turn around when seeing the warning can be important in network analysis because traffic affects travel times, which in turn affect results. Information such as average speeds can be captured, enabling users to adjust signs based on the statistics.

The flexibility afforded by Cloud-based technology is bolstered by its ability to gather and communicate important data that can be invaluable in the maintenance and improvement of our transport networks.