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Case Studies & Insights

Hazard warning technology helps farmer safely move cattle

Coeval came to the assistance of a Derbyshire farmer who faced frequent issues and challenges moving cattle between his field and the farm across a busy stretch of the A515, Cubley Common in Ashbourne.


Trying to move a herd of approximately 20 adult cows from field to farm and vice versa, whilst crossing a busy ‘A’ road, is no easy task. Once the road was temporarily clear, he would often have to simply commit to crossing with the full herd. The farmer was unable to warn oncoming drivers, who could be travelling up to 40mph, of the situation ahead of them.


The existing plate signs were replaced with a Coeval solar powered radio frequency activated system supported by electronic wig wags. Wig wag lights are commonly used at level crossings and emergency stations like fire or ambulance to warn and stop approaching traffic. The wig wags were positioned beneath the cattle crossing sign, with supplementary signs advising the distance from the cattle crossing, on either side of the road. The farmer activates the wig wags via a hand-held transmitter, which has a 1.2mile range (2km) from the side of the road, to advise oncoming traffic that cattle are crossing and there is a hazard ahead.

Key Highlights

  • Alerts drivers of sporadic hazards from 225 yds
  • Fully controlled by the farmer
  • Activated via hand-held transmitter
  • Transmitter has range of 1.2 miles
  • Wind and solar powered options for improved sustainability


The farmer now has confidence that when he’s moving his herd, the hazard for both the cattle and road users, is vastly reduced – keeping all involved safe. A simple and effective solution for warning motorists of sporadic road hazards, this system can be used for similar schemes such as school crossings, horse crossings, and more. This is another great example of how Coeval’s technology is adaptable, sustainable and transferable.

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