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Solution: Remote
Monitoring & Control

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity has transformed the reality of monitoring and control for all types of assets, including roadside technology. The level of connectivity between systems that cloud-based technology allows is vital in making the road a safer place; for road users and road workers.

It is this level of connectivity that allows Coeval’s intelligent systems to deliver multiple operating functions. Our LED signs can be remotely monitored so our clients can ensure their assets are working and providing information and advice to road users. More importantly, we offer remote control to ensure the right messages are being shown at the right times. For example, a teacher can activate the ‘school warning signs’ with the use of a tablet or laptop from the classroom; this offers the flexibility to change activation times to suit the school.

Another example is the remote control of hazard warning signs on rural roads; we delivered a solution to a farmer who needed to herd cattle over a road from one field to another and can now remotely activate a warning sign 50 yards down the road via a hand-held transmitter; warning oncoming vehicles in plenty of time of cattle crossing; delivering peace of mind for both farmer and approaching drivers.

Remote monitoring and control not only allows for flexibility and effective asset management, it increases safety by minimising the need to have people working roadside to maintain or operate the technology.