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Blackwall Tunnel Over Height Detection Replacements


The Blackwall Tunnel consists of two road tunnels running below the River Thames in east London, England. The tunnels link the London Borough of Tower Hamlets with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the A102. A significant upgrade to the Tunnel was planned to be completed by December 2024. This included replacing/upgrading current systems and installing new ones to bring the Tunnel up to requirements. The existing technology also needed to be upgraded in line with the introduction of Silvertown Tunnel. This included Coevals Over Height Detection Systems that had been in the Tunnel for over 20 years.

Over Height Detection Example

Over Height Detection Example









Coeval supplied new Over Height Detection systems to Cubic Transportation Systems. These were installed quickly and effectively, allowing the Tunnel to continue to be as safe a place as possible. The Over Height Detection Systems trigger when an Over Height Vehicle breaks the beam. Once the beam is broken a signal is sent to an intelligent LED sign which displays a message warning the over height vehicle divert with an arrow displaying which exit to take.


The Over Height Detection System has now been installed and has shown no faults up to now.

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