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Case Studies & Insights

Port of Blyth – Speed Indicator Devices


Port of Blyth offers a first class port handling service with particular expertise across the offshore energy/renewables, decommissioning, unitised and bulk sectors. The Port also offers first class logistics and training solutions as well being as a key location for offshore decommissioning. The Port is seen as a leading offshore energy support base, an important hub for the movement of a range of project, containerised, dry bulk and break bulk cargoes. The main reasons for concern were vehicles within the port exceeding the speed limit of 15mph and causing potential road traffic accidents with the movement of the range of projects on site.



Port of Blyth purchased two Speed Indicator Signs, one for each location on the Port where they believed it would be most effective. The signage would show green from 0-13mph, amber from 14-15mph and then red for any speed above 16mph. They chose this as they wanted a Speed Indicator Device that was slightly different to what is normally seen on the roads. This is shown in the image below.





This solution supports speed awareness – warning drivers exceeding safe speed limits and encouraging them to slow down. The signage is managed by the staff at Port of Blyth.