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Warning sign helps equestrians cross safely


On the busy A76 trunk road in Scotland, Bargower horse riding school was facing a long-standing problem: the nature of their business required children on horses to cross over the A76 several times per week at multiple crossing points. This road has a large volume of HGV traffic, and vehicles often travelling at 50 to 70mph.


Coeval designed a unique and innovative road safety solution for warning of hazards ahead, allowing riders to instantly alert oncoming drivers of crossing horses and informing them to slow down to an acceptable speed. 3 activation points with dual high and low-level push buttons allow horse-mounted and unmounted rider operation. The units are solar-powered, with below-ground battery storage well away from horses’ hooves. In addition to the pole- mounted push button, remote and handheld activation are available. Once triggered, wireless communication is made with the two solar-powered Hazard Warning Signs that contains a highly visible LED Hazard Warning combined with Flashing Ambers to reduce speed. Secondary vinyl triangles provide a permanent warning.

Key Highlights

  • The riding school can instantaneously activate warning signs from 3 separate locations to provide drivers with information of a hazard ahead
  • Provides riders and instructors with confidence that vehicles will slow to acceptable speeds when the sign is flashing
  • Provides a half-mile stretch of reduced speed using advanced radio comms
  • Solar and wireless technology significantly reduces the installation and future maintenance costs

“Coeval designed a unique and innovative road safety solution that allowed riders to instantly warns drivers of the Hazard of ‘Horses Crossing’ ahead…”

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