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Case Studies & Insights

Improving safety for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists


A popular Garden Centre and restaurant sits adjacent to the A78 trunk road and across the road from this is a cycle / walking path following the scenic shoreline between Ardrossan and Seamill on the Ayrshire coast.

This particular stretch of road is long and straight and as such people drive at higher than recommended vehicle speeds which creates a risk with vehicles turning in and out of the Garden Centre.

In order to improve safety for all road users, the Client needed to reduce vehicle speeds and highlight the hazardous situation in relation to slow turning vehicles and cyclists / pedestrians crossing.


Coeval worked with Clearview Intelligence to develop a solution which consist of the installation of triple message Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS). The three messages are triggered by different forms of vehicle detection:

SLOW DOWN – speed activated by radar

VEHICLES TURNING – stationary vehicles detected by inductive loops

PEDESTRIANS CROSSING – activated when pedestrians are detected waiting or crossing. Detection using a FLIR TrafiOne thermal detector.

The site is also fully solar powered and communication between all forms of detection and the VAS is wireless. To enable ease of access for maintenance in future, the pedestrian detection is mounted on poles that can be raised and lowered safely and easily.


This location specific solution uses intelligent signs and associated detection to provide sustainable speed reduction measures on a busy trunk road; assisting safe access and egress for pedestrians and vehicles to a small local business.

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