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Helix Park Falkirk Parking Signs



The Helix was borne from an idea in 2003 to build an ecopark as part of the Falkirk Greenscape Initiative, transforming 350 hectares of land between Falkirk and Grangemouth. Today, The Helix connects 16 local communities through extensive path networks stretching over 27km. In the summer of 2005 Big Lottery launched its Living Landmarks fund, established to help communities improve their local environment. The partners behind My Future’s in Falkirk submitted a bid on behalf of The Helix. Falkirk Council, Central Scotland Forest Trust and British Waterways Scotland (now Scottish Canals), with support from the project’s conceptual designers, prepared a detailed masterplan for a unique outdoor greenspace. Falkirk Council were looking at options for digital road signage on the site. The signage would fundamentally display pricing for car parking. Having no constant power within the park, they enquired about a battery back-up option.



Falkirk Council purchased a Single-colour LED matrix display with five LED matrix fields.  This can display numbers and text in yellow, the front is covered with retroreflective foil class II. As there was no constant power for the connection to the signage, a battery with charger was used. The sign is connected to 220VAC mains power supply from the street light and the 55Ah battery is charged during the night. During the day the sign is then powered by the battery. Falkirk Council also needed a way to change the car park fees on the signage remotely as the security office is slight distance from the sign. The sign display can be set/changed via SMS depending on the parking fee.


This solution enables Falkirk Council to make visitors aware of the pricing structure on that specific day. The signage is managed by Falkirk Council

For further information on The Helix please click the link below;

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