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Derbyshire 12 months Speed Indicator Device Trial


In 2017, Derbyshire County Council developed a Speed Management Plan to enable consideration of all engineering and enforcement methods of controlling speed on the public highway.  This was in conjunction with the Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership. Since the adoption of the plan there have been regular requests from the public, Elected Members, Districts, Boroughs, Parishes and Town Councils for speed indicator signs. It is generally considered that there are speed reduction benefits associated with the signs.  Such requests were previously only accepted at sites with the most significant collision history. This was based on a number of factors, including value for money from a limited highways budget and evidence from an earlier trial in Hulland Ward.

Derbyshire believed the trial did not demonstrate a clear link between speed indicator devices and reduction in vehicle speeds.  The trial was limited in size and nature and did fully reflect the characteristics of other potential sites. Further trials were required to provide clear evidence of the link between speed indicator devices and vehicle speed in order to identify potential policy changes.


Garry Housley on site in Derbyshire

The Council proposed to support and evaluate a 12-month trial of Speed Indicator Devices.  District, Boroughs, Parishes or Town Councils would be able to apply to trial the use of Speed Indicator Devices, subject to them obtaining their Elected County Member approval. The number of devices in each area would need to be kept to a sensible level. The councils would need to ensure drivers recognised the importance of the signs and prove commitment to reduce street furniture on its network. Cabinet approval was given to allow Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) to be used on the public highway in Derbyshire. A rough guide to those applying could be for a maximum of three signs per village and sites with local concerns over speed. It is acknowledged that there will be cases where extra advice will need to be sought. Officers would work with applicants but reserve the right to restrict numbers where legitimate engineering concerns were identified.  The report agreed to a delivery and evaluation of a county-wide, 12 months Speed Indicator Device trial. District, Borough, Parishes or Town Councils were able to apply to trial the use of the Speed Indicator Devices, subject to Elected County Member approval.


Coeval has worked closely with a variety of Councils in the Derbyshire area to provide Speed Indicator Signs.  Largely with the support of Garry Housley, sign installations have been completed at a number of sites.  Garry has attended Council meetings and site visits, some of which have included more than one Council.  This has enabled Councils to discuss requirements and enable consistency of signage across boundaries.  Thus ensuring the same message(s) are displayed reducing any potential confusion for drivers when navigating the region.

Some examples of our recent works are:

Clowne Parish Council

Temple Normanton Parish Council

Killamarsh Parish Council

Stenson Fields Parish Council

Shirland And Higham Parish Council

Doveridge Parish Council

Rosliston Parish Council

Ashover Parish Council

Holymoorside Parish Council

Dale Abbey Parish Council

Draycott Parish Council

Barlborough Parish Council

An example of Speed Indicator Devices

An example of Speed Indicator Devices


The outcome is waiting evaluation at the moment due to the 12 month trial. Outcome to follow.