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Protecting vital utility services

BackgroundProtecting vital utility services 1

Bridges don’t just carry vehicles and pedestrians. A bridge crossing the A81 at Balfron Station carries water pipes that are used to service the North of Glasgow and as such is a key piece infrastructure that needs to be protected from issues such as bridge strikes.

Having previously been struck by high vehicles, Scottish Water implemented a protection project that included reinforcing the bridge structure and deploying our Over-height Vehicle Detection System (OVD).


Protecting vital utility services 2

The Coeval OVD systems are installed to provide advance warning to high sided vehicles approaching the bridge. This allows these vehicles to take an alternative route to avoid the striking the bridge and potentially damaging the water pipes as well as the structure itself.

Coeval carried out a full turnkey installation project including civils works to enable four OVD systems with three OVD message signs to inform and advise the drivers of over-height vehicles.


The implementation of Over-height Vehicle Detection has formed a key part of this bridge protection project and not only prevents damage to the structure and the vehicles involved but also prevents delays on the A81 route. The use of the signs to re-route tall vehicles ensures large HGV traffic continues on main arterial routes and not through small communities.


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What our clients say

Connect Plus Services M25 Dartford Crossing

‘Even a short closure of the tunnel causes great congestion in the area, and if an over height vehicle were to cause that level of damage, the tunnel could be closed for hours, if not days, which would bring the whole of the South East of England to a standstill.

When the Coeval over height vehicle detectors were first installed, we were talking about 10’s of vehicles a day that we were stopping; we are now down to low single figures, 4 or 5 vehicles a day we need to extract for being over height, so it’s a great improvement in efficiency through the crossing.’

Platinum Electrical Ltd

‘Having used Coeval for the first time, we found them to be friendly and really helpful in ensuring we received the correct item we required. We were happy with the extremely quick response times and professional service they offer. We would definitely recommend their services to others.’

Gloucestershire Airport

‘Thank you for your prompt and efficient service regarding our request for training on the 21st of August. You guys have been incredibly helpful over this.’

City of Edinburgh Council

‘Coeval won the tender for the replacement overheight vehicle detector systems. The work was completed within programme and budget. We are now satisfied that the new systems will help protect the bridges for several years to come.’

Swindon Borough Council

‘A sound, honest and efficient service provided by Coeval. Would be very happy for Coeval to manufacture and supply more of Swindon’s signs.’