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Alerting drivers through road safety systems

As part of the new Largs Campus School (which incorporates Nursery, Primary and Secondary School) North Ayrshire Council promoted a mandatory part time order to reduce the speed limit to 20mph during times of peak pedestrian movement at the school on Alexander Avenue.


Alerting drivers through road safety systems 1

North Ayrshire Council identified the need for 6 new Part-time ‘flashing 20’ school signs. The existing units on the network were controlled with old type of timer using an antiquated programme that had to be run on Windows XP. The timers are extremely difficult to programme and process of inputting timing is cumbersome, time consuming and very rarely worked.

“We approached Coeval looking for 6 new school signs and enquired about an easier way to programme them.”


Alerting drivers through road safety systems 2Coeval suggested a couple of options that included using Command Console via Bluetooth via an Android device or the option for a connection via GPRS using Cloud Control software. An initial demonstration allowed the client to identify the ease of use and enabled them to make an informed decision to proceed.

Key Highlights

It has been identified that having such responsive technology at their disposal provides North Ayrshire Council with the ability to:

  • Alerting drivers through road safety systems 3prepare their school plans with ease
  • react in the event of emergency school closures as experienced throughout the UK in 2018
  • react in the event of emergency school closures as experienced throughout the UK in 2018

This level of technology ensures continued road safety provision around schools at all times with the ability to address both known and unforeseeable risks with ease.


Coeval carried out the complete installation including poles, retention sockets, signs as well as full reinstatement to the footway as required. The installation was carried out in a timely manner to a high quality and the signs themselves are very impressive with a very good luminous intensity to the LEDs. The signs are solar powered and are essentially on for 5 hours each day and work well with no sign of power dip.

What the client said:

“I recently reprogrammed the signs via Bluetooth using a tablet. The Command Console app is easy to use and the scheduler for the school signs is very manageable. The app has many features that allow the user to adjust brightness of signs and check battery life, traffic data etc, depending on requirements. The tablet was able to pick up all 6 signs via Bluetooth with ease and I found it was possible to pick up all signs up from 3 different locations.

It proved really easy to reprogramme the sign, and took minutes. Using this system compared to our old system is night and day, it is really efficient and makes our job so much easier. I also trialled using Cloud Control, to access the sign that had GPRS installed.

The application itself was easy to use, with a drop-down map that you could scan and easily find the relevant sign. This is definitely the way forward for controlling our network of electronic signs, as it means that the signs can be accessed remotely from the office, further improving efficiency and reducing necessity for time out the office.

The before and after service with Coeval has been brilliant and I would highly recommend them and their products to anyone.”

Russell Brown, Technician

North Coast, Cumbrae & Arran Commercial Services (Roads), North Ayrshire Council


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What our clients say

Connect Plus Services M25 Dartford Crossing

‘Even a short closure of the tunnel causes great congestion in the area, and if an over height vehicle were to cause that level of damage, the tunnel could be closed for hours, if not days, which would bring the whole of the South East of England to a standstill.

When the Coeval over height vehicle detectors were first installed, we were talking about 10’s of vehicles a day that we were stopping; we are now down to low single figures, 4 or 5 vehicles a day we need to extract for being over height, so it’s a great improvement in efficiency through the crossing.’

Platinum Electrical Ltd

‘Having used Coeval for the first time, we found them to be friendly and really helpful in ensuring we received the correct item we required. We were happy with the extremely quick response times and professional service they offer. We would definitely recommend their services to others.’

Gloucestershire Airport

‘Thank you for your prompt and efficient service regarding our request for training on the 21st of August. You guys have been incredibly helpful over this.’

City of Edinburgh Council

‘Coeval won the tender for the replacement overheight vehicle detector systems. The work was completed within programme and budget. We are now satisfied that the new systems will help protect the bridges for several years to come.’

Swindon Borough Council

‘A sound, honest and efficient service provided by Coeval. Would be very happy for Coeval to manufacture and supply more of Swindon’s signs.’