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Preventing accidents by informing road users they are driving the wrong way

Preventing accidents by informing road users they are driving the wrong way 1

As part of a programme of road safety initiatives to further reduce the number of accidents and casualties on Scotland’s roads, this bespoke solution was collaboratively developed to warn drivers that they are driving the wrong way up a slip road and prevent potential accidents.


Despite the use of static ‘no entry’ signs, the A1/ A198 roundabout in Tranent and the A720 City of Edinburgh Bypass/ Lasswade Road slipway still experienced issues with drivers travelling the wrong way down slip roads towards fast moving, multi-carriageway traffic.

People were regularly driving the wrong way down an exit slip lane, towards vehicles exiting the motorway or dual carriageways at fast speeds and risking a head-on collision and potentially multiple vehicle accidents.

The end client, Amey, worked with supply chain partner, Clearview, to develop a technology based enhanced hazard warning system.


Preventing accidents by informing road users they are driving the wrong way 2

As the existing static signs were not preventing drivers entering the slip road the wrong way, and to ensure a more effective preventative measure was in place, the new solution only triggers when a dangerous situation is detected.

Coeval’s solar powered Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) were linked to Clearview’s M680 count and classify system, which uses inductive loops, to trigger a visual alert to drivers who were travelling the wrong way. When the count and classification system detects a vehicle travelling the wrong way down the slip road, it triggers the Coeval VAS ahead of the driver, the sign instantly displays a ‘no entry’ symbol and RED corner flashers.


The VAS signs are more effective than the static signs and the new system not only detects a vehicle travelling the wrong way, it informs the driver that they have made an error and allows them to turn around before they reach the motorway or dual carriageway; minimising the risk of an accident.

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What our clients say

Connect Plus Services M25 Dartford Crossing

‘Even a short closure of the tunnel causes great congestion in the area, and if an over height vehicle were to cause that level of damage, the tunnel could be closed for hours, if not days, which would bring the whole of the South East of England to a standstill.

When the Coeval over height vehicle detectors were first installed, we were talking about 10’s of vehicles a day that we were stopping; we are now down to low single figures, 4 or 5 vehicles a day we need to extract for being over height, so it’s a great improvement in efficiency through the crossing.’

Platinum Electrical Ltd

‘Having used Coeval for the first time, we found them to be friendly and really helpful in ensuring we received the correct item we required. We were happy with the extremely quick response times and professional service they offer. We would definitely recommend their services to others.’

Gloucestershire Airport

‘Thank you for your prompt and efficient service regarding our request for training on the 21st of August. You guys have been incredibly helpful over this.’

City of Edinburgh Council

‘Coeval won the tender for the replacement overheight vehicle detector systems. The work was completed within programme and budget. We are now satisfied that the new systems will help protect the bridges for several years to come.’

Swindon Borough Council

‘A sound, honest and efficient service provided by Coeval. Would be very happy for Coeval to manufacture and supply more of Swindon’s signs.’