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Coeval Improving The Environment

Coeval is always seeking alternative ways to help the environment and improve its “Green” initiatives.  With the implementation of Clean Air Zones, Active Travel and other government schemes, Coeval decided that they would add a little extra to the pot.

By now, most of you will have noticed at JCT Traffic Signal Symposiums, LCRIG Strictly Highways and most recently 2023 Road Expo that we have been giving away “Summer Flower” seeds.  We all know the benefits of flowers to the insect world, especially bees and their input to the food chain.  There are also physical and mental health benefits with the act of planting and seeing the rewards of spaces in bloom.

This is a small contribution to the wider society which we hope will bring a smile and improve the areas where we live.

Garry Housley (Business Development Manager) and Scott Hatcher (Business Improvement and Development Manager) at LCRIG with the “Summer Flowers”