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Protecting Pedestrians & Cyclists

Solution: Protecting Pedestrians & Cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable road users, of the 1,784 people killed on British roads in 2018, 26% were pedestrians, and 6% were cyclists. However, there are major health and environmental benefits to both walking and cycling and we all want to enable more active travel. As such, we need to provide safety and comfort to all road users – especially the more vulnerable.

We have a range of fixed and variable message sign solutions to help support the safety of all road users. These can be used in a wide variety of ways from warning oncoming traffic of pedestrians and/or cyclists in the road to informing users of new cycling infrastructure.

Road safety is improving around Britain but the walk between home and school is also a particularly vulnerable point for many school children. Child casualties for the year ending June 2018 was close to 15000, with over 2000 killed or seriously injured. For many, one of the main risks is the road area directly surrounding the school gates; with speed limits often ignored or poorly enforced and a heavy mix of pedestrians and vehicles.

Coeval has developed intelligent, flexible school sign solutions to help protect them. With varying school opening and closing times, an intelligent, flexible system of school signs is vital to raise road user awareness.

Our School Timer Radio Network is smart enough to make road users change their behaviour at crucial times of the day, preventing high-speed collisions and saving children from injury and death.

Our engineers show school staff how to operate the school signs, so the system is in the hands of those who know when best to utilise it. For even more flexible systems, Coeval provide a full matrix Variable Message Signs (VMS) that can be completely customised to your desired message; further helping to protect children or large influxes of pedestrians.

Coeval is a specialist in robust, LED road sign-based systems that advise, inform and educate and are:

  • more easily noticed by drivers than static signs
  • visible in all conditions, including at night
  • flexible to your needs – displaying different speed limits / messages as required
  • remotely controllable using our Cloud-based software
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