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Coeval proudly sponsor Jonata Smethwick Football Club

Jonata Smethwick Football Club are a community organisation based in the West Midlands. Coeval are proud to announce the sponsorship of Jonata Smethwick Football Club and the work they do within the local community.  Jonata has recently teamed up with GRT (Global Relief Trust), a Leading Muslim Charity based in the United Kingdom servicing communities globally, to support Street Children in Bangladesh.  They returned from a successful trip to Bangladesh on 5th March 23, where they were promoting sight loss prevention in rural communities.  A spokesperson for Jonata has commented:


“We left Bangladesh yesterday and returned after such a fantastic trip. Thanks to your help, we were able to put together a team that travelled there looking the part so we could work with the locals there to make their life there meaningful and joyful through the sporting events we had organised.”


More information on Jonata Smethwick Football Club can be found on their Facebook profile Jonata Smethwick FC | Facebook and for Global Relief Trust their website to donate is Donate to GRT | Leading Muslim Charity | Global Relief Trust (