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Informing Road Users

Solution: Informing Road Users

Research shows that drivers spend on average four days a year looking for a place to park. As people drive around looking for parking spaces, congestion and pollution increase.

Our intelligent parking and traffic information signs provide automated information; helping to keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion.

When it comes to providing road users with information that is constantly changing – such as car park spaces and toll gate availability – static signage is simply not adequate. With intelligent technology, our signs deliver up-to-date information to the road user so they can get to the right place swiftly, whether it be a toll gate or car park.

With our Cloud-based software, parking and traffic information signs can be remotely monitored and controlled; any errors will be detected and reported, enabling a quick and effective response.

Coeval is a specialist in robust, LED road sign-based systems that advise, inform and educate and are:

  • more easily noticed by drivers than static signs
  • visible in all conditions, including at night
  • remotely controllable using our Cloud-based software
  • flexible to your needs – displaying different speed limits / messages as required
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