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Providing Traffic Information

Solution: Providing Traffic Information


Give road users a better idea of what’s up ahead. Our intelligent parking and traffic signs provide automated information, keeping roads and car parks less congested.

When it comes to providing road users with information that is constantly changing – such as car park spaces and toll gate availability – static signage is simply not adequate. With the power of intelligent technology, our signs supply drivers with up-to-date information to direct them to the right place, whether it be a toll gate, road or car park.

With our PGS Cloud software, parking and traffic signs can be remotely monitored and controlled, giving you better control, higher convenience and up-to-date information. Any errors will be detected and reported, allowing a swift and effective response.

Our LED warning signs are:

  • Visible in all conditions
  • Remotely controlled using our PGS Cloud software
  • Robust and long-lasting

See our parking and traffic signs below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get a completely bespoke LED road sign or traffic control system by Coeval. We’ll design, build, install and maintain it. Call us on 0141 255 0840 or view the process.

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