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Reducing Speeding Drivers

Solution: Reducing Speeding Drivers

In 2015, 15% of fatal accidents were caused by speeding. That’s 260 lives that could have been saved if the speed limit was upheld.

Coeval are committed to combating the issue of speeding with our range of speed signs and systems.  Whether it’s making road users aware of their own safe speed, an upcoming camera, or a part time speed sign. Our products make the road, and the community, a far safer place.

Speed signs save lives

Coeval are specialists in robust, LED signs that are:

  • More easily noticed by drivers than static signs
  • Visible in all conditions, including at night
  • Flexible to your needs. Display different speed limits depending on the time of day

See our full range of LED speeding signs below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get a completely bespoke LED road sign or traffic control system by Coeval. We’ll design, build, install and maintain it. Call us on 0141 255 0840 or view the process.

Save circa 50% by retrofitting these products

Did you know that you can save money by using your existing sign carcas with our new retrofit option to save money on your new signage?

Learn about Retrofitting
View our products for Reducing Speeding Drivers

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