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Warning of Hazards Ahead

Solution: Warning of Hazards Ahead


Hazardous weather conditions? A dangerous junction? Steep verge?

Protect road users against potential hazards with Coeval’s range of intelligent warning systems. We design, build, install and maintain intelligent products that leave little room for driver error.

In conditions such as icy weather or falling rocks, signage is incredibly important to warn road users – but if that signage can’t weather those conditions, or is obscured, then drivers are put at risk.

Our products have a robust build, with high-power LEDs that can be seen clearly even in hazardous conditions. With bespoke Vehicle Activated Hazard Warning Signs, we can provide the right signage for all road speeds and locations. With our Variable Message Signs (VMS), a single sign can serve multiple functions – ideal for areas with continuously changing conditions.

Our LED hazard warning signs are:

  • Visible in all conditions
  • Smart and responsive to changing conditions (snow/ice/floods/light)
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Tailored to your needs

See our full range of LED hazard warning signs below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get a completely bespoke LED road sign or traffic control system by Coeval. We’ll design, build, install and maintain it. Call us on 0141 255 0840 or view the process.

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