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Cloud Based Technology

Solution: Cloud Based Technology

IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts that soon, 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software spending will be for cloud-based offerings – in other words, it’s becoming the rule rather than the exception.

Even as Cloud-based technology is taking over modern businesses, its application to the safety of our roads still remains a pressing issue. The level of connectivity between systems that cloud-based technology allows is vital in making the road a safer place.

It is with this level of connectivity that allows the Coeval products and systems to have multiple operating functions when it comes to managing Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS), Speeding Drivers, Schools signs and multi-junction traffic control systems. For example, a teacher can activate the ‘warning school signs’ with the use of a tablet or laptop from the classroom, this offers flexible to change activation times that suits the school at any given day of the week. Flexibility is what gives this cloud-based technology one of the key benefits for the operator like the school teacher.

Another example where cloud technology has shown flexibility to warn drivers of sporadic hazards; was a farmer who needed to herd their cattle over a road from one field to another and so remotely activated a warning sign that was 50 yards down the road via a hand-held transmitter to warn on coming cars in plenty of time of cattle crossing, peace of mind for both farmer and fast approaching drivers.

Some of the Cloud’s Display Parameters

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • LED error Fault reporting
  • Battery and Solar Monitoring
  • Brightness Control
  • Timer events
  • GPRS or 3G events
  • Communication events
  • Data collection
  • GPS events

This technology is compatible with many platforms of communication, allowing users to operate signs with PCs and handheld devices using technology such as:

  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • GSM/3G
  • Optical
  • RS-232
  • RS-485

Coeval recognises the importance of keeping up with industry standards as well as moving forward with new technology. As the advance of the Cloud-based technology has shown, new advancements can quickly become essential to the way society is run, including making our roads and highways a safer place to travel and operate in daily.

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