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Bespoke Projects

Solution: Bespoke Projects

Bespoke projects for unique issues

At Coeval we are not only a manufacturer of signs, but a traffic management solutions provider. We have a history of designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining bespoke signage to help tackle unique dangers on the road.

Real-time Warning Sign of Moose

In Norway, for example, the danger of moose on the roads causes a large amount of fatal crashes every year. We introduced a new Vehicle Activated Hazard Warning System designed to warn drivers of nearby moose in real time, using radar and GMS communication. We even developed a new ultra low powered system for the long Norwegian winter nights.

Behavioural speed reduction

In the village of Fairlie in North Ayrshire, in spite of existing traffic calming solutions, average speeds continued to be between 34 and 36mph, resulting in a tragic fatal collision in 2013. Coeval worked alongside Clearview Intelligence and Dynniq Group, developing a new scheme to safely stop drivers at the upcoming traffic lights if they exceed the 30mph limit.

Over Weight Vehicle Detection – Swarkestone Bridge

Swarkestone Bridge, an ancient monument that is still in use today, had a problem with drivers of overweight vehicles ignoring the 8 existing warning signs and continuing over the bridge. Existing countermeasures were clearly insufficient, so Coeval helped to develop an innovative scheme to  detect and warn approaching overweight vehicle drivers to divert before reaching the bridge, being fine-tuned to detect and allow buses to cross.

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