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tunnel signage

LED signage can be used to inform and advise road users of important information in tunnel and toll environments, from speed limits and lane usage to advising drivers that overtaking is prohibited or to respect the distance between vehicles. In the event of an accident or breakdown in a tunnel, Variable Message Signs (VMS) can be used to communicate important information and to manage the traffic. In both tunnel and toll environments, lane allocation signs, positioned above the carriageway indicate which lanes are open and may indicate to users that they need to merge either to the left or right.

Coeval supplies a complete range of fixed and variable motorway and urban LED signs. Our Variable Message Signs (VMS) are modular in design and can be supplied in one, two or full colour, in varying sizes, and from 12mm to 25mm pixel pitch. Coeval’s Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) are designed to support speed and hazard awareness – warning drivers exceeding safe speed limits and of potential hazards and encouraging them to slow down. With text heights from 60mm – 40mm and symbol heights from 300mm – 1500mm our products are clearly visible even in hazardous conditions or inclement weather.


  • Site surveys
  • Extended warranty options
  • Maintenance regimes
  • Data analysis

Our solutions are designed to be easy to install and maintain and, once active, provide a safer environment for us all.

Our LED signage is also:

  • More easily noticed by drivers than static signs
  • Visible in all conditions, including at night
  • Flexible to your needs – displaying different speed limits /messages as required
  • Remotely controllable using our cloud-based software

LED strip markers for tunnels

Coeval’s LED strips are markers that provide additional illumination for tunnels and emergency exits, increasing visibility and enhancing safety for all users. These LED strips are light and easy to install and can be mounted on any surface using a holder. Constructed of LED diodes housed in a polycarbonate housing with a protection level of IP56 and shielded connectors, any number of segments can be joined together easily – thus creating a continuous line of light.

This connection method ensures that in the event of a fault in one of the segments, all other segments continue to work normally, while the replacement of the defective segment is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Our LED strips are available in segment lengths of 0.5m, 1m and 2m. Power consumption of one segment is incredibly small, about 2w/m of length. At every 50m one power supply is required, which is also located in the IP56 housing.

In addition to low consumption, LED strips are characterised by a good light intensity of 2100 cd/m2 for white, 660 cd/m2 for green and 500 cd/m2 for red LEDs. This provides road users with better visibility of the tunnel edges and their vision is not impaired by excessive lighting.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Quality LEDs with long lifetime
  • Suitable for tunnels with curves
  • Low power consumption – only 2w/m
  • Water and dust protection
  • Simple to install and replace
  • Modular design –simple, fast connection of multiple segments
  • In case of one segment failure, all other segments continue to work as normal

Models available:

image of 3 LED strip lights for yunnels









Signs with internal illumination

Coeval’s internally illuminated signs provide easily visible information (EXIT, SOS points, emergency telephones, fire extinguishers, escape routes, etc.) for specific points within tunnels. Internally illuminated traffic signs and information signs using LEDs have a critical advantage: they are less prone to failure. They are extremely robust, housed in a protected aluminium case with a transparent polycarbonate front and utilise special foil with various symbols.

These signs fulfil the highest class for luminance (L3), in accordance with EN12899 standard, with very low LED currents. This provides high visibility, low consumption and a long lifetime.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Modular design, each part can be easily removed and replaced
  • Very low LED current for each colour
  • Sign opening from the front or back
  • Highest class of optics
  • Error detection
  • High quality and durable

Tunnel and Toll Signage 1

Key Benefits

  • Remotely Monitor & Control all Signs via our PGS Cloud software
  • Optical: EN12966: L3/L3(*)/L3(T). R2. 86, CZ
  • High Luminous LEDs behind UV Lenses
  • Constant Current LED Drivers, Stable Luminance, independent of mains or battery
  • Detection & Error Reporting
  • UTMC


  • LEDs with high luminous intensity and long lifetime (Osram brand)
  • Luminance: class L3 and uniformity class U3 in accordance with EN12899 standard
  • Housing: Aluminium AlMg3 or Stainless steel. Front: Polycarbonate with foil.
  • Power supply: 230VAC – 50Hz or 12VDC
  • Interface: Ethernet, Serial RS485, DIO
  • Temperature range: from -40 to +60˚C
  • Housing colour: Black RAL 9005, Gray RAL 9007.
  • IP rate: IP66
  • Mechanical shock rating: IK10
  • Certificate: EN 12899 – 1:2007




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    What our clients say

    Connect Plus Services M25 Dartford Crossing

    ‘Even a short closure of the tunnel causes great congestion in the area, and if an over height vehicle were to cause that level of damage, the tunnel could be closed for hours, if not days, which would bring the whole of the South East of England to a standstill.

    When the Coeval over height vehicle detectors were first installed, we were talking about 10’s of vehicles a day that we were stopping; we are now down to low single figures, 4 or 5 vehicles a day we need to extract for being over height, so it’s a great improvement in efficiency through the crossing.’

    Platinum Electrical Ltd

    ‘Having used Coeval for the first time, we found them to be friendly and really helpful in ensuring we received the correct item we required. We were happy with the extremely quick response times and professional service they offer. We would definitely recommend their services to others.’

    Gloucestershire Airport

    ‘Thank you for your prompt and efficient service regarding our request for training on the 21st of August. You guys have been incredibly helpful over this.’

    City of Edinburgh Council

    ‘Coeval won the tender for the replacement overheight vehicle detector systems. The work was completed within programme and budget. We are now satisfied that the new systems will help protect the bridges for several years to come.’

    Swindon Borough Council

    ‘A sound, honest and efficient service provided by Coeval. Would be very happy for Coeval to manufacture and supply more of Swindon’s signs.’