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The Coeval range of school signs are a reliable and expandable school safety system that is simple to activate and operate by staff. The signs are designed specifically to warn drivers exceeding safe speed limits where safety is a concern at certain times of the day such as near schools.

A wide range of Part-Time Speed Limit Signs and Type 1, Type 2 and Twin amber flashing designs that is sustainable and affordable, with a wide range of speeds and standard diagrams available

Clear high-intensity display perfectly visible in all conditions, with extensive radio coverage up to 1.5km and have minimal annual running costs.

Key Features

  • Up to 32 Slave units per Master
  • Only one SIM Card per school
  • 3 Year calendar set by GSM
  • Text Message Activation and Alarms
  • Slaves can relay to far off units
  • Solar power option


  • Power Options:10V to 15V DC Standard
  • Renewable Sources: Solar or Mains options
  • Power Consumption: Approximately 130mA at 12V DC
  • Mobile Phone Sim Requirements: Data Enabled SIM
  • UHF Radio Link: Typical 1.5km range
  • Security: Password change facility
  • Calendar Set Up: By laptop and modern or RS232.
  • Housing: IP66 Enclosure
School Warning Signs 2

Save circa 50% by retrofitting this product

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Solar & Wind Option

Low cost, sustainable power

Mains power is not an option in most hazard locations. We are leaders in providing solar and wind equipment on the road network through out the world and we can design intelligent self-charging & battery solutions, providing maximum green energy to protect your hazards all year round.

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