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The Coeval ii3400 Portable Traffic Signal is a modular, 2-phase portable LED temporary traffic light system. With radio control and long battery life, this TOPAS-approved traffic light is designed with user-friendliness and flexibility in mind.

The unit comprises of fixed signal heads, fitted with low power consumption LED optics and Icoms vehicle detection equipment. With robust rubber wheels, a compact battery box and removable handles for ease of mobility, the Coeval ii3400 Portable Traffic Signal is the ideal choice for narrow roads, moving roadworks, surfacing or short duration jobs.

The ii3400 maintains a 300-metre operating distance without sacrificing battery life; thanks to its low power consumption LED optics, the unit has a battery life of up to 14 days* when fitted with 2 x 12v 180Ah batteries. It includes a night dimming function for efficiency and better visibility at night-time.

The utility of the Coeval ii3400 temporary traffic light is further augmented by user-friendly software. The sign is programmable for vehicle active, fixed time, manual or all red functions, with a quick and simple setup. This accessibility makes the ii3400 an easy choice for moving roadworks, surfacing and short duration applications, where workers will be able to quickly learn the system’s capabilities.

The system is compatible with all types of detection devices – video detection, loop sensors, IR detectors, radar detectors, magnetometers, ultrasound detectors etc. – and an optional towing trailer is also available, specifically designed to carry the ii3400. It is fully galvanized, features a fixed lighting system, and has provision to carry additional road signs.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Technology
  • Multi-Function Controllers
  • Transmitter or Receiver Multiple Phase Capability
  • Includes Coeval’s new LED 12vDC Signal Head
  • 300 Metre Operating Distance (depending on terrain)
  • Capable of holding 2 x 12v 180Ah batteries providing up to 14 days continuous operation*


  • Each Coeval MPB3400 controller can act as either a transmitter or receiver
  • 2, 3 or 4 phases
  • EN12368 certified
  • Night dimming
  • Modes of operation consist of Vehicle Activated, Fixed Time, Manual Operation and All Red
  • Mobile and compact battery boxes fitted with removable handles
  • Compatible with all types of detection devices
  • Optional towing trailer, specifically designed to carry equipment
    • Fully galvanized
    • Fixed lighting system
    • Provision to carry road signs

*battery duration was established using a Coeval product, if other batteries are used then time duration may differ.

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