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Coeval supply a wide range of Internal Car Park Signage, External Car Park Guidance, Tunnel and Toll signage.

The Intelligent Coeval Car Park Guidance is designed specifically to help drivers find the right parking space, both on their road and then within the car park.

All of these signs can be remotely monitored and controlled through our PGS Cloud software.

Key Benefits

  • Remotely Monitor & Control all Signs via our PGS Cloud software
  • Optical: EN12966: L3/L3(*)/L3(T). R2. 86, CZ
  • High Luminous LEDs behind UV Lenses
  • Constant Current LED Drivers, Stable Luminance, independent of mains or battery
  • Detection & Error Reporting
  • UTMC


  • Interfaces: – R8232, RS 485, Ethernet, Profibus, Bluetooth, Wireless, Wifi, GRPS
  • Aluminium powder coated housing resistant to dust, rain and/or snow
  • Front Face: Class II, Retro-reflective
  • Physical: T1, T2, T3/P3 (EN12966)
  • Pollution: D3 (EN12966)
  • 2/3/4 Digit or Arrow/Cross Display
  • Standard Colour is Yellow
  • Indoor – 120mm-60m visibility
  • Indoor/outdoor – 150mm-75m visibility
  • Outdoor – 250mm-125m visibility
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Solar & Wind Option

Low cost, sustainable power

Mains power is not an option in most hazard locations. We are leaders in providing solar and wind equipment on the road network through out the world and we can design intelligent self-charging & battery solutions, providing maximum green energy to protect your hazards all year round.

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