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Overweight Vehicle Detection system

Each time an overweight vehicle approaches infrastructure not intended to carry such a load, there are serious potential consequences for the driver,
others in the vicinity and the infrastructure in question.

A study by The RAC Foundation found that more than 3,000 bridges in the UK are not fit to support the heaviest lorries, which can weigh up to 44 tonnes.

The physical infrastructure around the bridge location plays an important part in advising, informing, and enabling HGV drivers to avoid unsuitable bridges, with more effective warning road signage and improved turning areas, for example.

Coeval has designed technology solutions to help prevent incidents associated with ‘overweight vehicles’ and protect both the infrastructure and the user.

The Overweight Vehicle Detection System (OWVD) uses sensors to constantly monitor traffic flow on approaches to the infrastructure. By combining loop and axle classification it can identify an overweight vehicle in advance and display messages on intelligent LED signage to divert non-compliant vehicles, thereby protecting the infrastructure.

With this simple measure, Coeval’s OWVD System directly addresses the issue of drivers not knowing the weight of their vehicle. As well as the clear benefits of their responsive nature, the warning signs are robust, vandal resistant and visible in all conditions – an especially crucial benefit in the winter, where driver visibility can be a challenge.

The road sign technology is fully customisable, so the message is bespoke to its location, providing specific instructions to the driver. The LED signage can be accessed locally or remotely when using our Cloud Control Solution.

These warning signs have been shown to reduce incidents wherever they have been implemented.

Key Features

  • 5 level automatic dimming to TR2516
  • Reliable LED Technology
  • Robust one-piece construction
  • Full range of character sizes and diagram size
  • Low power and low cost


  • Case Construction: Maintenance free, Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Case Size: 600mm x 600mm (min) to 3300mm x 3700mm (max)
  • Text Heights: 60mm, 100mm, 160mm, 240mm, 320mm & 400mm in yellow or white
  • Symbol Heights: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
  • Conspicuity Devices (Optional): 120mm, 150mm & 200mm
  • Power Options: Mains Power, Switch mains with battery back up, Solar and wind options
  • Detection Equipment: Third party Type Approved
  • Power Consumption: Typical less than 5 watt average at 12V DC
  • Housing: IP66 Enclosure


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    Solar & Wind Option

    Low cost, sustainable power

    Mains power is not an option in most hazard locations. We are leaders in providing solar and wind equipment on the road network through out the world and we can design intelligent self-charging & battery solutions, providing maximum green energy to protect your hazards all year round.

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    What our clients say

    Connect Plus Services M25 Dartford Crossing

    ‘Even a short closure of the tunnel causes great congestion in the area, and if an over height vehicle were to cause that level of damage, the tunnel could be closed for hours, if not days, which would bring the whole of the South East of England to a standstill.

    When the Coeval over height vehicle detectors were first installed, we were talking about 10’s of vehicles a day that we were stopping; we are now down to low single figures, 4 or 5 vehicles a day we need to extract for being over height, so it’s a great improvement in efficiency through the crossing.’

    Platinum Electrical Ltd

    ‘Having used Coeval for the first time, we found them to be friendly and really helpful in ensuring we received the correct item we required. We were happy with the extremely quick response times and professional service they offer. We would definitely recommend their services to others.’

    Gloucestershire Airport

    ‘Thank you for your prompt and efficient service regarding our request for training on the 21st of August. You guys have been incredibly helpful over this.’

    City of Edinburgh Council

    ‘Coeval won the tender for the replacement overheight vehicle detector systems. The work was completed within programme and budget. We are now satisfied that the new systems will help protect the bridges for several years to come.’

    Swindon Borough Council

    ‘A sound, honest and efficient service provided by Coeval. Would be very happy for Coeval to manufacture and supply more of Swindon’s signs.’