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Coeval joins industry colleagues shortlisted in the Highways Awards for 2020

Whether its influencing speeding driversimproving air qualityprotecting and guiding pedestrians or cyclists or directing traffic to major events, the role of the variablemobile or vehicle activated road sign is probably more important than ever. Planned, delivered and maintained in the right way, road signs can play a vital role in helping with many challenges on the network.

This was highlighted recently when, along with our industry partners on collaboration projects, we were excited to find out that we have been shortlisted in four of the categories in this year’s Highways Awards, taking place this week online.

It is great to have a positive start to the year, at a time when we are all faced with challenging circumstances on a daily basis in and outside the industry.

We are shortlisted in the Best Use of New Technology Award and Most Innovative Highway Authority Scheme of the Year Award 2020 with NeateboxTransport Scotland & SW Trunk Roads, and Road Safety Scheme of the Year Award 2020 & Road Enhancements and Marking Project of the Year Award 2020 with SW Trunk Roads, Transport Scotland and Clearview Intelligence.

We’re proud of our involvement in both of the schemes shortlisted, each scheme has a significant safety element and has been shortlisted in two separate categories.

This scheme, the A76 Bargower Horse Crossing was implemented to improve the safety of riders crossing the busy trunk road, the addition of a new signalised crossing has been further improved with the installation of the innovative Neatebox Bluetooth App that activates the crossings remotely. Riders, without the risk of losing control of their horse, can trigger the crossing without having to dismount or stoop to press the button. This is particularly important for those with mobility impairment and those handlers accompanying riders.

Shortlisted for – Award for the Best Use of New Technology in the Highways Industry 2020 & Most Innovative Highway Authority Scheme of the Year Award 2020.

The A701 Close Follow scheme was developed to reduce accidents along the route caused largely by speeding and tailgating. Using an intelligent detection system to manage intelligent signage, in this case Coeval’s VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs), motorists who are tailgating or driving above the appropriate speed threshold receive a warning that is specific to their driving behaviour via the dynamic signs. Clearview’s Count and Classify system detects the gap, speed and classification of passing vehicles and transmits the information to the solar-powered VAS which prioritises the message accordingly.

For those tailgating, the VAS will show a “too close, leave 2 second gap” message whilst speeding vehicles are presented with a “slow down” message and a reminder of the appropriate speed limit for their vehicle class. In incidents where a vehicle is both speeding and tailgating, the latter message takes precedence.

Since installing the scheme, the change in the number of drivers traveling over the speed limit has reduced between 6 and 18 percent over the various vehicle types and the overall number of accidents along the route has also reduced significantly.

Shortlisted for Road Safety Scheme of the Year Award 2020 & Road Enhancements and Marking Project of the Year Award 2020.

Despite technology changing the way we manage the network, we believe signs will play an increasingly important role in the future, complementing in-car and other roadside technology to keep road users and roadworkers safe, making their journey seamless and free of any challenges.

You can book your virtual seat on the Highways Awards website –