Flood Warning System

Key Benefits

  • The Intelligent Coeval ‘ICFloodingTM’ Flood Warning System is designed specifically for installation on roadways approaching areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Attempting to abandon a vehicle in the dark in water even just a foot deep can be extremely dangerous, and statistics of these scenarios all too often prove to be fatal. The Coeval range of Flood Warning Signs feature a clear Hi-intensity display, perfectly visible in all conditions to provide warnings in flood conditions for Pedestrians, Vehicles, Cyclists etc.
  • Dual Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic sensors accurately detect changes to water levels, which are then reported using UHF radio. The ICFloodingTM system does not rely on any mobile network for its core function of detecting raised water levels and alerting approaching vehicles. The systems are also powered by renewable energy and are designed to operate up to 4 weeks in flood conditions.


The ICFloodingTM system comprises primarily of three pole mounted sets of solar powered electronics;

The Depth Measurement Sensor pole is positioned at the location most likely to be prone to flooding:

  • This location measures the depth of water using both an ultrasonic sensor, and hydrostatic sensor;

  • Measurements are automatically reports to both the Master and Slave Sign by an integral multi-channel 500mW UHF radio unit.

The Master Sign and Communications pole is positioned at the main approach to the potential flood area.

  • This unit location checks either for approaching vehicles using radar, or pedestrians using long range PIR unit, and listens to communications sent from the water depth sensor unit.

  • The unlit LED Warning Sign will illuminate when approached in a flood situation for a predetermined number of seconds, warning the driver that the Flood Warning is a 'Live Situation'.

  • Using a password protected Bluetooth connection the settings and water level 'flood' threshold can be configured at this location.

The Slave Sign pole is positioned at the opposite approach to the potential flood area:

  • This unit is identical to that at the Master Sign with the exception of the Bluetooth link.

  • The LED Warning Sign at this location operates on the same water level threshold as the Master Sign.

Optional GSM Text or GPRS Emailing communications units can be connected to the Master Sign and send a text message or email in the event of a flood situation. This requires a standard SIM or Data SIM to operate.

The Sealed Maintenance-Free LED Warning Sign Faces use Low Power LED Technology.

The UHF units are multi channel and are licence exempt.


  • Patent Applied For
  • Radio units: 500mW UHF FM multi-channel transceivers on the 458MHz Licence Exempt band.
  • Radio range 1 mile line of sight between any sign face pole and the sensor pole.
  • UHF antennas For normal line of sight operation the antennas are housed inside the waterproof enclosures.
  • Bluetooth Class 2 providing a terminal connection.
  • Battery life Up to one month’s battery backup.
  • Sign face LED type Cree Amber LED's.
  • Sign face LED dimming Automatic two level dimming according to the natural ambient light level which is sensed by a detector on the rear of each sign face.
  • Sign face message 'DEEP WATER' and 'TURN BACK' split over two rows and four corner amber LED flashers.